• Live Chat: Your Valentine’s Day Playlist to Success


Be Mine?

As bold as it may have seemed at age 14 to drop a candy heart and card into the hands of someone you fancied in an effort to gain their admiration, how about the flying-high feeling that followed when the feeling was reciprocated?

Think you’ve lost that loving feeling? Maybe it’s time to test out the waters with Live Chat!

Proactively engaging site visitors before they even have a question can be the spark to ignite that eternal flame with potential customers.

“Open Arms” (Your Website Welcome)

If you’re unsure what Live Chat is or how it works, you’ve probably encountered it on other websites. It introduces itself via a little window that pops up in one of the lower corners with an intro of something like,

“How may I help you today?”

Think of it as an invitation to dance. Even if you’re not ready to Fox Trot or Tango, the invitation window lingers around in the corner waiting for the moment you realize that dancing is better than hanging out alone. On your website, it means being at the ready when your customers realize they want to learn more.

“Can’t Help Falling In Love” (Customers That Return)

63% of online consumers said they were more likely to return to a website that offers Live Chat. Wise men say, “only fools rush in”, but who can help falling in love with those stats?

  • Live Chat increases repeat site visitors
  • Whether customers engaged in live chat previously or are just aware that it’s an option, they feel confident coming back to you.

Rushing into a Live Chat product might be a great move for your business in 2016, especially if you’re looking to increase the chances of site visitors coming back (for a second date).

“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” (Engaging Customers When You’re Closed)

An additional benefit of using Live Chat is that it allows you to capture sales leads outside of normal business hours. No matter your opening hours, customers can get in touch and feel taken care of when they have questions.

  • People surfing the net at 11:00 at night? Covered.
  • People surfing the net on the weekend? Covered.

Consumers research businesses at their convenience – your business hours are probably their business hours, too. With Live Chat, you can engage a customer right then and there. Live Chat is on even when you’re not so you don’t miss that opportunity with them! So, as Aerosmith sings, “I don’t wanna close my eyes… ‘Cause I’d miss you and I don’t wanna miss a thing.” Fear not, you won’t have to monitor your site 24/7. Leave that to Live Chat.

“(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” (The Customer Experience)

Happy customers stick around, which leads to more business opportunities for you and a chance to improve customer satisfaction. 

  • 44% of online consumers say that having a question answered by a live person while making an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer.

Answering customer questions online so they don’t have to pick up the phone and engage in another step creates less friction for the customer experience. Even if you’re not an e-commerce site where customers are making purchases online, Live Chat is a great strategy to open the lines of communication when it’s convenient to the customer.

No one puts baby in the corner.  Give customers the time and attention they deserve.

“Keep On Loving You” (Taking it a Step Further)

Live Chat also has a “Call Connect” option. This is when you know the relationship has really heated up. Once a customer has engaged with Live Chat and provides details about what products or services they are interested in, there are a few things that it might lead to:

  • Live Chat can immediately connect the customer to your phone line to take the discussion further.
  • Outside of business hours? Live Chat can simply collect contact information from the potential customer for a follow-up call as soon as you’re open from a knowledgeable expert at your business.

“My Heart Will Go On” (Customer Retention)

A sure way to prevent your business from sinking like the Titanic is to make online help available to customers at all hours of the day, any day of the week. By building relationships throughout the buying cycle, offering a convenient way to have questions answered, and capturing sales leads outside of standard business hours, you’ll be a step ahead of your competitors and endearing to the hearts of many.

The dating game can be tough but good communication and a solid playlist are key to developing lasting relationships.


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