The Content Tips You Need for Improved Instagram Loyalty


Do you want to better establish your business on Instagram and develop a loyal following? With the right content, you can!

Your business’s presence on Instagram can promote customer loyalty and high conversion rates while displaying what makes your brand unique. The platform caters to what audiences want: quick and easy messages, and with a per-follower engagement rate 58 times higher than Facebook, Instagram is the perfect platform to build a solid presence.

Here are five content strategies for Instagram you can use to attract consumers to your business and develop a loyal following:

Come up with a unique style that illustrates who you are as a business.

The great thing about Instagram as a marketing tool is that it’s almost entirely a visual user experience. Illustrating the style of your business on other social media platforms like Twitter can be difficult to do. However, a picture is worth a thousand words and can effectively show followers what makes you different.

When taking your photos for Instagram, think about your brand and your company culture. How can you incorporate them into a photo? Get creative and experiment until you find something that speaks about your brand. Still stuck? Take some time to look over the following personalization tips you can use to get going!

  • Filters: Using specific filters for your photos can help illustrate your business’s culture and style. If your business is light-hearted and fun like an ice cream shop consider bright and colorful filters. More serious? High contrast or even black and white can help convey that.
  • Photo collages: Combining photos in your posts can help demonstrate how great your services are. For example, if you’re in a labor industry like landscaping, construction, painting, etc., you can post before and after shots that show how great your work is.
  • Genuine content that shows your products in a “real” light: Do your posts capture the essence of what your product or service is about or does it look staged? For example, if you’re the owner of an outdoors store, post photos of your products being used. Employees or customers alike can do this, as long as it shows why people would want to purchase from you in a genuine way.

Use your Instagram on different social media platforms

You are going to want to promote your easily-shared Instagram profile at every possible opportunity in order to garner the biggest audience possible. Promote your Instagram photos on Facebook, provide social icons within your traditional and mobile websites and email signatures, and include QR codes for smartphone users to scan.

Promote follower engagement

One of the best ways to develop customer loyalty amongst your Instagram followers is by posting content that engages your followers. This can include:

  • Hosting competitions for the best photo
  • Prizes for random followers that like/comment/share your posts
  • Discounts and promotional deals for users who promote your business on Instagram
  • Feature other users’ content on your page
  • Comment/like related content from other users’ posts

Showcase the customer experience

Instagram is the perfect platform to show users how great it is to shop with your business, so take advantage of that! Post a photo of people in their day-to-day lives with your products or using your services. Posting lifestyle oriented photos that show both your customers and employees helps build trust among your followers and develops a relationship that helps further customer loyalty.

Utilize Instagram’s business tools and analytics

Instagram has developed Instagram for Business, a service that allows you to follow key metrics associated with your Instagram content. Offering account and ad insights, as well as ad staging, the new tools allow businesses to monitor their posts and campaigns and measure information like reach, impressions, and engagement.

Instagram can provide your business with a great marketing opportunity to further develop customer loyalty and help drive sales. Due to the overwhelmingly visual elements of the platform, you can reach and inspire consumers with good content. The five tips mentioned will help you generate the kind of content that will garner loyal followers, but it’s up to you to get creative and fun with it!