• Which of these 3 Digital Marketers Are You?


Are you new to digital marketing and just researching the “how to’s” of online advertising? Skeptical that any of it really works? Or are you ready to jump in feet-first and do it yourself?

When it comes to managing digital marketing and advertising, we all fall into one personality type or another. Which of the following three characters best describes you? Are you the grumpy cat hiding under the couch (the cynic) or are you the life of the party (the DIY superstar) when it comes to digital? Or have you only just arrived at the party?

Let’s explore some of the most common archetypes, and how to overcome their marketing weaknesses. Which of these 3 digital marketers are you?

The Novice

You are new to digital marketing. You have little to no experience planning or managing a digital marketing campaign or even deciding what the best digital strategy is. You want to start but you’re nervous.

  • Strengths: You know that marketing works and have decided to invest your advertising budget into digital solutions to drive more business and gain better insights into your marketing ROI.

  • Weaknesses: You are behind your competition when it comes to your customers finding you online and you have a long way to catch up, but it’s not impossible.

How Does The Novice Improve Their Digital Chops?

  • If you are smart and allocate the appropriate budget into solutions like PPC, Facebook Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Display & Retargeting Ads, and Responsive (mobile-friendly) Website Design, you can quickly catch up and even overtake the competition.

  • Find an expert digital marketing firm that is consultative, understands your business, and has successful case studies of what works for businesses in your industry. This will save valuable time and money, and you’ll gain the expertise of an agency.

The Cynic

You have either been “burned” by vendors and unprofessional sales reps who over promised and under delivered, didn’t understand the good results that were generated for your business even if positive and profitable, don’t have time to really devote to a digital strategy, or are in denial about the importance of digital marketing. The painful truth is the cynic is typically a combination of all of these things and is missing a powerful opportunity to grow their business and acquire new customers.

  • Strengths: Takes a cautious approach to digital opportunities and not easily bamboozled. The cynic is less interested in the sizzle and more interested in the steak – results.

  • Weaknesses: The cynic can often be tone deaf to the profitable digital marketing opportunities and often has unrealistic expectations on return.

How Does The Cynic Improve Their Digital Chops?

  • Careful evaluation of your current expectations and the timeframe to achieve specific goals (and what it costs to get there), is the best approach. Ask yourself, what is the realistic Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and are traditional marketing solutions a better return or more costly? How quickly do you want to get to your sales goals and are you allotting enough budget in the right solutions? And most of all, listen to your advisors – they’re the experts!

The DIY Digital Marketer

You manage some or all of your digital marketing on your own to varying degrees of success. You are anything from completely overwhelmed and confused to quite good at generating ROI. Often, you are sick and tired of managing your digital in-house along with all of your other job responsibilities.

  • Strengths: You possess a general or strong knowledge of digital marketing platforms such as AdWords and Facebook Advertising. You’re smart enough to be dangerous with a knowledge of what it costs to be successful.

  • Weaknesses: You have limited time dedicated to managing your digital marketing or have an employee DIY’ing Digital for the business, which also exposes you to the threat of losing the employee who manages your digital marketing internally. You also tend to go through cycles of self-serve vs. outsourcing and may hire and fire (and even rehire and re-fire), multiple marketing firms, which can significantly disrupt results and consistency.

How Does the DIY Digital Marketer Improve Their Digital Chops?

  • The DIY Marketer has three options, become an expert and love the work of managing digital advertising campaigns, find a great employee who is that expert and loves working for you (and won’t leave), or identify and retain a great digital marketing firm. Sometimes you need to slow down and let go of doing it all yourself, trusting a professional to get the work done.

Which of these three digital marketing archetypes can you relate to? What do you struggle with and what are you great at in digital marketing?