• New Year New You: Marketing Resolutions For You and Your Business


Another year has flown by, and 2016 is just around the corner.

What does this mean for business owners? There are plenty of marketing strategies to enhance presence throughout the New Year, but is there one exact plan that will lead to better business?

The answer is no, but it doesn’t hurt to select a few goals focus on to help get your business to a bigger, better state by this time next year.

How do you get there? Here are a few tips for when it comes to planning out how:

Set realistic goals.

First and foremost, you want to make sure what you’re aiming for is reachable. Establish what you want to achieve, and tackle them in the order that is most attainable for your business. Start off small, and work upwards, but also remember to go at a steady pace.

  • Avoid making large promises or promotions from the start – such as launching a whole new division with no background or offering 75% off services. Try 25% off instead.
  • Don’t rush your planning. This can become overwhelming, and may lead to uncompleted goals that leave you feeling a failure.

Plan out your marketing strategies or goals for the year.

12 months of planning can become overwhelming, so to help – break it down!

  • Separate the year into seasons, months, or even specific holidays that can be used for promotions.
  • Plan well-timed events. Was business slow at any point from the year before? Note that in a calendar and try to prevent that from happening again.

B is for Backup.

Always have a Plan B ready. Unexpected events may affect a marketing campaign due to various reasons. Sometimes it’s the timing or other uncontrollable factors that may affect a business.

  • Try to time promotions or campaigns according to when they’ll be most effective.
  • Revising written content or adding new images to a website can make a huge difference. Internet trends move fast, so it’s important to keep up!

Become friends with your customers.

Loyal customers are the backbone of your business. Make it a goal to put the customers first, because they MATTER. Send out surveys. Set time aside to make personal calls. Make your clients feel appreciated, respected, and cared for, even after the transaction has been done. Make customers come back for more!

Keep an eye on the competitors.

It doesn’t hurt to find inspiration from others, but stealing ideas cannot be part of the plan! We get it; it can be exhausting trying to come up with original content or marketing campaigns over and over again. Check out what competitors are doing, what’s working for them, and what’s not. See if their ideas are worth emulating, and then put your own unique spin on it.

And finally, try something new!

New Year means new resolutions. Sure, sticking to what you know is great, but it never hurts to spice things up a little. Take clients by surprise and make an offer they can’t refuse. Maybe a special promotion you’ve always thought about, or an exciting digital strategy you’ve just heard of. Remember, don’t be discouraged by your first trial run. Just keep trying.

With December nearly over, we’re getting ready for 2016. Now is the perfect time to brainstorm your marketing ideas. Keep a notebook on hand for inspiration and notes! No idea is too big or too small. Even if you don’t plan on taking action right away, it’s a good way to keep your marketing juices flowing when ideas run low later in the year.

The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy showing off YOUR business!