• Keeping Brand Consistency


With so many different avenues to display your small business, it can be easy for your messaging to become inconsistent across things like print, online and TV advertisements. In order to help potential customers recognize your business, it is important to maintain your branding.

Consistency is an important aspect in marketing your company because it helps others remember who you are and recognize you later. If potential clients and customers can distinguish your name and logo from others, they are more likely to connect with you for their needs.

Here are some key factors in keeping your brand elements unified:

Make sure your visuals correspond with your identity:
Basic elements should always be the same, such as your logo, typeface, colors and graphic style. These are your constants. If you keep these things recognizable, it gives you room to create distinctive advertisements or displays aimed at your target audience.

Establish your message and voice:
What are your business’ mission and principles? Your company should have a personality. Create a message you believe correctly conveys your small business. Make a list of descriptive words that you believe accurately portray your mission, and apply these words and themes in your messaging. Use this voice across all platforms, including print and digital advertisements and materials as well as social media in order to maintain a cohesive message.

Remain constant across all platforms:
There are plenty of places to display your brand’s information. It is important to have the same information, look, feel, and message across each of them. Social Media is one of the most important marketing components because of the ability to share information quickly and easily. Be sure that your Facebook cover photo, posts, and profile images match in theme and voice with your tweets, photos, and background image on Twitter, and any other networks you use. This will ensure your brand is recognizable no matter where customers see it.

Standardizing your brand helps maintain consumer trust. When customers become familiar with a business because of its identifiable messaging and visuals, they create positive associations with that business and can remember it more easily. Follow these simple rules in order to keep a harmonious image and gain more business.


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