1. Are You Afraid of Digital?

    Elizabeth Vincent

    Thumbnail for article Are You Afraid of Digital?.

    Don’t be spooked by online marketing tools!

    Digital marketing can be scary. We’re here to help.

    We're debunking myths and revealing the truth behind the monsters that go bump in the virtual night!

    Haunted House - Don’t let your website be a house of horrors for your customers! Make sure it’s informative, well-organized, and designed with your visitors’ needs in mind - whether they’re on desktops or smartphones.

    Spiders - Google and other search engines use “web crawlers” to explore your website. Make sure your site is optimized using SEO best practices to make sure you get found for the right services in your local area!

    Jack-o-Lanterns - Glow bright in the darkness with social media engagement. Light the way for customers to find information about your business, and stay connected with their favorite local services and products.

    Mummies - Don’t be dead and boring. Look alive! Use video ads to show customers how dynamic and vibrant your company can be, from new product launches to in-store...

  2. "More than Keywords": Conversations with SEO

    Propel Marketing

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    As part of our Conversations with Propel interview series, the SEO Team took time out to discuss the do’s, don’ts, and what if’s of Search Engine Optimization. From the important factors other than keywords to the future of content, Dave and Katie covered everything you need to know about SEO, and more!...


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