1. Mastering Web Copy for Mobile, the Easy Way

    Michael Terry

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    Online Readership

    If you ask “Who reads web content - the copy that accompanies all the images, links, contact info, and the like?” most people will tell you “no one.”

    But that’s not exactly right, is it?

    In fact, when it comes to the written word on the web and how users experience it, there are several established philosophies that have been adopted (and proven) by those who still take the time to read:

    • Almost no one reads EVERY word (that’s a given), but they DO read
    • People skim and scan for the information they need
    • Site users read in an “F-shaped” pattern
    • Bullets, lists, quotes, and (sub)headers are beloved by all
    • “Exaggerate or over-promise, and I’m gone”
    • The most effective information is above the fold (the visible part of the landing page) and on the left-hand side

    These rules of website content have become canon to many web writers. By using them as a guide, they tend to create some pretty amazing, informative content that not only has personality - and credibility - but converts for leads and sales, providing better ROI on the whole.

    The Mobile Game Changer

    But what about when we change the medium? What about...

  2. 6 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

    Alexander Grigorev

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    Email marketing is a well-known and very effective way to promote products and campaigns. But when email inboxes are packed with promotions, how do you make yours stand out? Email marketing can deliver big success for a small price. Here are 6 tips to make your email marketing campaign more effective...


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