1. Google Shopping Shifts to Adwords Model

    David Estey

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    Google has become the leader on the internet, pushing other search engines to the side with innovative products and consistent quality.

    Well now it seems they’re monetizing those products in new ways, which can have serious repercussions for e-retailers who have been leveraging Google Shopping listings.

    What's happening?

    As of October 2014, the product listing ad campaigns many business owners have come to love were automatically upgraded to “Shopping campaigns.” What does this mean? Well, to start off, the service is no longer free to those with PPC spends of at least $300. Before this update, all you had to do to take advantage of the service was upload a properly formatted Excel sheet with what you wanted to peddle on the internet. Now you have to actively manage things.

    What does it mean?

    That’s not to say this is all bad news though. Industry experts are reporting higher click-through rates and greater volume overall, but you have to manage things to make sure the traffic is going where you want it and to keep costs low. This means using inventory filters and carefully picked product groups to avoid duplicate targeting.

    There’s other good news as well. If you’re data driven,...

  2. Mastering Web Copy for Mobile, the Easy Way

    Michael Terry

    Thumbnail for article Mastering Web Copy for Mobile, the Easy Way.

    When it comes to the written word on the web, there are a few time-tested philosophies that are proven to be effective and engaging both on mobile and off. By using them as a guide, you can create amazing, informative content that not only has personality - and credibility - but converts for leads and sales, providing better ROI to your business....


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