1. Inbound Insights 2014

    Matt Riccardi

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    It’s that time of the year, where thousands of attendees, marketing and sales thought leaders, and experts gather at the INBOUND conference to transform their business with inbound marketing!

    At INBOUND 2014, over 7,500 attendees discovered new methods, inspiration, and insight on connecting with their audience from over 100 speakers, including keynote speakers Guy Kawasaki, Dharmesh Shah, Malcolm Gladwell, and Brian Halligan. HubSpot's INBOUND conference was held this year at the Boston Convention Center, and Propel Marketing was there to witness all of its greatest moments!

    We gathered a few insights on INBOUND we picked up from co-founders of Hubspot, Dmarmesh Shah, Brian Halligan, and the Emmy Award-winning television host and media mogul, Martha Stewart.   

    Insights from the co-founders of Hubspot:

    Co-founders and long-time friends that met while attending MIT, Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan started Hubspot eight years ago to transform the way businesses market their products online. Since its founding, Hubspot has accumulated over 10,000 customers from around the world, raising over $100 million in venture capital from Sequoia, Google Ventures, and Salesforce.com to name a few.  

    Dharmesh and Brian discussed their innovative marketing concept, Inbound Marketing, and why it's important....

  2. 6 Tips To Get Your Business Ready For Seasonal Change

    Haylie Starin

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    Summer is so last season. Children are back in school, football is in full-swing, and pumpkin flavored everything has hit the scene. Yes, fall is quickly arriving. As the weather changes with the seasons, so does your business. Here are 6 tips to help your business rake in the advantages of seasonal change...


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