1. The Golden Rule: Direct Email Edition

    Melanie Bligh

    Thumbnail for article The Golden Rule: Direct Email Edition.

    We have all heard the expression before - “quality over quantity” - when it comes to many things in life.

    Sending emails to your customers is no different.

    Each and every one of us is a consumer, so why not treat your clients how you would like to be treated? Consider this Golden Rule not just in your shop, but in your marketing as well.

    This includes not bombarding customers' inboxes with dozens of meaningless emails. Would you like to receive campaign after campaign in your mailbox with no clear value? The notion seems to be that consumers are becoming more and more wary of giving out their email addresses, but can anyone blame them?

    In some respects, a few businesses have set an unfair tone for the rest. Repetition is essential when trying to advertise a certain promotion or new feature of your business - but there does come a time when it is overkill. As a result, consumers often assume that every email they receive is junk.

    There is a stigma attached to promotional emails, but the "junk mail" assumption is, in fact, false. Plenty of consumers still want to receive specific emails that pertain...

  2. You’re Missing Out On Web Traffic

    Kevin Dunn

    Thumbnail for article You’re Missing Out On Web Traffic.

    Did you know that only 2% of web visitors buy on their first visit to your site? You’re losing out on web traffic if you're not reaching out to the remaining 98% of qualified and engaged web traffic from users who are interested and familiar with your company. Stop missing out on these web sessions and start utilizing retarget advertisements!...


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