1. What to Expect When You’re (Digitally) Expecting?

    Tara Calnan

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    Digital marketing can be tricky. Organic or paid? Display advertising? Email marketing? Social?

    There are a lot of marketing routes to take and you may not always know what to do once that campaign has gone live. How do you take the information you’ve gotten back and turn it into new business?

    Not all campaigns are going to result in a clear-cut lead or sale, but that doesn’t mean that your business isn’t going to grow from those digital marketing efforts. Taking the right approach and putting a strategic plan in place will ensure that you are successful in delivering results.   

    Know Your Numbers

    Before your campaign launches, talk to your campaign manager or educate yourself on what metrics you’ll be looking at to judge return on investment (ROI) and know what benchmarks you want to hit. Different campaigns will be measured differently, and you'll want to know what you should realistically be looking for. Once the campaign launches, determine how long you should be waiting to see results. Some efforts will see results in 2-3 weeks, where others will take 6 months.

    Start Getting Social

    Social media is more about engagement than direct sales. It is easy...

  2. It's Mobilegeddon! Google's Algorithm Update Takes Effect

    Daniel Weidel

    Thumbnail for article It's Mobilegeddon! Google's Algorithm Update Takes Effect.

    Mobilegeddon is here! Since the algorithm announcement, business owners and marketers have had mobile on their mind, some for the first time. The April 21st roll out has been deemed "mobilegeddon" and "mobilepocalypse" due to the significant impact the update is expected to have on mobile search results and rankings across the globe. Here's how it'll impact your business, and how you can take on mobilegeddon!...


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