1. 4 Ways to Get Out the Vote with Digital

    Rick Collins

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    Generations of campaign strategists have lived by a simple credo: Get Out The Vote. If your supporters don’t show up to the polls, it won’t matter how polished your stump speech was, how attractive your mailers were, or how much money your raised.

    In fact, 26 years after he narrowly lost the presidency, Michael Dukakis continues to regret not focusing enough on a grassroots GOTV strategy.

    Digital marketing strategies will never fully supplant traditional campaign outreach efforts – voters still respond best to a personal touch -- but these technologies are becoming increasingly advanced and refined to effectively supplement time-honored game plans.

    Digital marketing can help your campaign pivot quickly, improve efficiency, amplify your voice, expand your audience, and reduce wasted ad spend – freeing up time and resources that can be used elsewhere.

    Following up

    Knocking on doors is perhaps the most laborious, yet essential, piece of your GOTV effort. It takes time, bodies, and lots of coordination, and still your team may chalk up more misses than hits. Yet it is the best way to make connections and identify your base.

    So if while knocking doors you identify a potential supporter, now what? Many companies now offer cutting-edge voter tracking software...

  2. Power Words for Powerful Emails

    Elizabeth Vincent

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    When email inboxes are flooded with promotions, campaigns, and news, it can be hard to get heard above the din. How do you get noticed in a sea of messages? The first step is in the subject line. You've got one shot to grab attention and get people interested in what you have to offer. So what goes into a strong email subject line?...


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