1. Psychology of Facebook 101

    Lindsey Reynolds

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    Psychology of Facebook 101

    Bringing it back to human fundamentals with your Facebook posts

    Prologue: Take all that you have learned about social media marketing and put it on a shelf. Forget about clicks, impressions, and reach. Forget about the data.

    Right now, we are throwing out the “rule book” and focusing on what we as humans know best – other humans.

    Facebook survives on basic human elements, rather than on the latest Google Algorithm. Its business pages are not meant to be used as an extension of a website on which advertising is forced on consumers. Instead it should be used to make fans feel like they’re part of an active, engaging, and interesting community.

    And what better way to make a fan feel included and engaged than to start thinking and feeling like a fan? Put on your psychology caps and let’s get started!

    Chapter 1:  Touching the heart

    One sure way to engage your Facebook fans is to present them with a post that tugs on the ole’ heart strings. The best post to get the job done? A quote. Get inspirational! The quote doesn't necessarily have to do with your business or services,...

  2. 8 Days of Digital

    Tara Calnan

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    Hanukkah is a holiday filled with fun games, delicious traditional foods, and 8 days of continuous giving. Feeling inspired by the light of the menorah, we're sharing some of our favorite tools to make your online life a little easier. Here are 8 digital marketing gifts in honor of this year's Hanukkah celebration:...


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