• 6 Elements of a Successful Facebook Ad Image


A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Likes

Your Facebook newsfeed is filled with many things these days. Babies being born, old friends getting married, and the always “exciting” political rant. But among the memories and the baby bump updates, advertisements are scrolling within the feed.

These ads are different from other online techniques. They’re not the commercials that interrupt your attention from the latest Beyoncé video on YouTube. They’re not the dreaded pop-up ad you thought you figured out how to block in 2005. These advertisements are streaming into your newsfeed and doing something different- they’re blending in.

One of these things looks just like the others

Images used in Facebook advertisements are as important as the ad itself, but it’s more than just standing out in a sea of selfies.

Remember that your ad may show in someone’s News Feed, and it should feel like it belongs there. Your image is competing for people’s attention with stories from their friends and family.” This is so important to consider when the competition is your customer’s family and friends, not other businesses. The standard for imagery on these ads becomes completely different. It also goes hand-in-hand with restrictions and guidelines from the all-powerful land of Zuckerberg.

Standing out on Facebook is fitting in on Facebook. Many techniques are used when it comes to choosing the ideal image for an advertisement on Facebook’s newsfeed. Gathered below are six of the most important tips to remember.

  1. Less text is more. Facebook holds a strict policy of 20% text on an image. This helps to eliminate any “sales-y” tactics (think: photos screaming at you alerting you of a sale) and allows the newsfeed to flow, which is so important.
  2. Keep it consistent. The image you use should reflect your brand personality. Consistency across all fronts is always a key factor to a successful campaign – and that doesn’t change here.
  3. Image size matters. Depending on the objective of your campaign, the size of the image will change. It’s important to show the image at the best quality possible. Grandma’s grainy mobile uploads are cute, but in these ads we need hi-res. Luckily, Facebook helps out and provides a full list of sizing qualifications.
  4. Show your value proposition. As mentioned before, we have 20% of the image to throw a few words on there. The best method to advertise your deal is a strong call to action. “Sign up” and “sale” are both words that take up very little space!
  5. People click on people. It has been shown that people scrolling their feeds are more likely to click on ads with images of other people – especially if these people are similar to your target audience. People click on images of people that look like them.
  6. Know your industry. Carousel ads can be a great alternative to the standard single image ad. However, this works well for certain businesses more than others. For example, hotels, real estate, and auto dealerships all benefit from the scrolling feature with multiple images.

We’ve heard it all before, a picture is worth a thousand words. For Facebook, a picture is worth a thousand Likes, shares, comments, and even leads. This is your opportunity to fit between Grandma’s selfies and Beyoncé’s headlines and speak to your target audience directly with your ads. 

As a business owner, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and put your best image forward.