• 16 Ideas for 2016


Did you make any resolutions this year? What about resolutions for your business?

If the cliché resolutions for most people are things like eating healthy and getting fit, then typical resolutions for small businesses are to get more customers and make more sales. They’re the basic aims of any business hoping to grow.

To reach their New Year goals, people decide to cut out sweets and French fries and start hitting the gym more.

How will you reach your business goals?

Here are 16 ideas for achieving your business goals in 2016!

  1. Try a new kind of billboard. Display Ads are online billboards, displayed all across the web, and only to people most likely to buy from you. Way more bang for your buck than a sign on the side of the highway!
  2. Be seen on social. Facebook Ads are the latest and greatest way to reach your audience in a way that’s eye-catching and click-worthy where they’re already spending their time. Plus, like with Display, you can target only the most likely of customers.
  3. Respond, don’t react. Responding to comments online – whether on social media networks or review sites – is crucial. But, the key is to keep your cool. Be open to feedback and take problems offline to resolve in person. And don’t forget to thank happy commenters for their good reviews, too!
  4. Upgrade your presence. A new year is a great time to dust off the cobwebs on your stale website. Update your content, refresh your site design, and upgrade to newer, better-resolution photos for the best possible customer experience.
  5. Put it on film. Your business has a lot to offer. Show it off! Use video to demonstrate how a cool new product works, film testimonials from thrilled clients, or to show off how skilled and friendly your team is. Your customers will love the inside look.
  6. Be more available. You don’t need to keep your store open 24/7 to be there any time a customer calls. Website features like Live Chat allow you to answer customer calls and get sales leads even when your shop is closed.
  7. Offer a nice place to land. Boost your campaign results with a tailored landing page designed to convert viewers into customers. Tying a strong marketing campaign with a specific landing page for the promotion means a stronger funnel and, ultimately, more sales.
  8. Rethink your metrics. It’s easy to get caught up in clicks and sales, but sometimes those are not the best indicators of campaign success. Make sure you’re measuring with the metrics that are relevant to your specific marketing efforts and goals!
  9. Ask the right questions. Being informed is the key to running a successful promotion, whether it’s pay-per-click SEM, Twitter, or somewhere else. Educate yourself so you can ask your marketing expert the right questions and make the most of your campaign.
  10. Stand out in the inbox. Use “power words” and an intriguing offer to get people to click on your subject line and open your email marketing message. Once opened, make sure there’s an exciting offer and a clear Call to Action to get them to click through.
  11. Get visual. Social media is more visual than ever. Use Instagram to show off the bright and fun side of your business, and keep customers engaged with great images and even photo contests that create content for you.
  12. Bring back window shoppers. On a first website visit, customers are usually just looking. Retargeting helps you bring back customers when they’re ready to purchase. Stay on their mind while they’re away!
  13. Try a new look. Maybe it’s time to try a new logo! Companies often re-brand and redesign for an updated, modern look. Go from a simple text logo to something eye-catching and memorable!
  14. Optimize your website. Make sure your content and your site’s code are both working for your SEO. Getting found in search results takes time, effort, and a little know-how but it’s worth it!
  15. Adjust as you go. You might think one thing, but your customers are telling you another. Make data-driven decisions based on insights in your Google Analytics to see who and where your customers are, and what they look for.
  16. Experiment! Trying new things is half the fun of a new year. Try something new that scares you, or a cool technique you’ve never thought of. It just might surprise you – and your customers!

There you have it! 16 ideas for 2016 to help you reach your ambitious business goals for this exciting new year.

Which ideas will you try?